BD aviation achieves above average safety oversight rating from ICAO

- A Monitor Special

Dhaka : The civil aviation in Bangladesh has achie-ved above average safety oversight rating from International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)_ th

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Bangladesh takes part in Fashion World Tokyo-2018

Tokyo : Bangladesh has actively participated in the Fashion World Tokyo-2018 which started on April 4 and continued up to April 6. Forty-four knitwear

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Twelve - for trendy, gorgeous dresses

Dhaka : Twelve is a popular name right at the moment in Bangladesh's fashion fraternity, mainly for its stylish and attractive design, something even

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Southeast Bank provides financial support to Ibrahim Medical College

Dhaka : Southeast Bank Limited gets its business sustenance from the community and society in which it operates. It pays back to the society in recipr

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BRAC Bank, IFC sign deal to facilitate offshore banking

Dhaka : BRAC Bank Limited and International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank Group concern, signed an agreement for the support and funding of

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