Malaysia Airlines to add 26 addl routes next year

A Monitor Report 16 May, 2017  |    -      +
Kuala Lumpur : Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) plans to add 26 additional routes to its list of destinations in 2018 on its road to recovery, said Peter Bellew, Chief Execu-tive Officer.

Bellew added that Malaysia Airlines would commence 11 new routes this year, the most number of routes to be introduced in a single year in the airline's history.

In evaluating the potential routes, he said the national carrier has invited all major airports in ASEAN, Australia and India to meet in in the coming weeks to negotiate the routes and promote tourism in Putrajaya.

"We see an increase in customers in Asia, particularly from China, Australia and India, although there is a fall in the number of travellers to Europe and the United States," he told reporters after MAB pledged its participation in the 'Negaraku' initiative.

"Our business on the international front is tremendously good and strong. We are searching for bigger aircraft right now.

"We are trying to find five, six or seven more wide-bodied aircraft for use next year."

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