Jet Airways orders to buy 75 B737 MAX aircraft

- A Monitor Report 16 Apr, 2018  |    -      +
Mumbai : Jet Airways and Boeing have announced a new order for 75 B737 MAX airplanes as India's premier international airline looks to the new and improved B737 jet to power its future growth.

"Our new order for the additional 75 Boeing B737 MAX aircraft will allow us to deliver a differentiated and world class customer experience to our guests," said "Vinay Dube, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airway. "This additional order reemphasises our trust and confidence in Boeing and also reaffirms our commitment to operate extremely modern, reliable and fuel efficient aircraft as part of our fleet. Jet Airways' partnership with Boeing goes back 25 years ever since the airline was conceived and took to the skies. This order underscores Jet Airways' commitment to the growth and sustainability of the Indian aviation market".

Jet Airways announced its first order for 75 MAX airplanes in 2015 as part of a strategy to refresh its fleet with the most modern and environmentally progressive airplanes. The newest order adds 75 more MAXs to support the airline's future expansion. Jet Airways is set to take direct delivery of its first MAX airplane later this year.

"We are honoured that Jet Airways has again placed its trust in Boeing with its order for 75 more B737 MAXs," said Dinesh Keskar, Senior Vice president, Asia Pacific and India Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "These additional B737 MAX airplanes will help Jet Airways continue to be an industry leader by combining a superior passenger experience with reliable and efficient operations."

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