CEO Çelebi Delhi Ramesh Mamidala says

We'll help Bangladesh maximise cargo movement

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Dhaka : We are here to explore, how Bangladesh can maximise its position in cargo movement. How do we make the logistic chain more efficient, how to ease the (cargo movement) process across the borders.

Given the friendly relations bet-ween Bangla-desh, I do not think it would be difficult. There has already been a test run (of covered van) transporting goods across Bangladesh's border. It should be followed up.

Ramesh Mamidala, Chief Executive Officer, Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd. (CDCTMIPL), said Çelebi Delhi is ready to help Bangladesh expedite air cargo flow along with Delhi International Airport (Private) Limited (DIAL), specially after the ban on direct cargo flights from Bangladesh's airports to any western country.

Sanjiv Edward, Head Cargo, DIAL, who is also Chairman, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and Ar-vind Aggarwal, Senior Mana-ger-Business Development, CDCTMIPL, were also present on the occasion.

They were talking to The Bangladesh Monitor during their recent visit to Dhaka.

Ramesh Mamidala said even two months ago there was hardly any cargo from Bangladesh for rescreening at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, but this has increased as we are offering win-win rates.

Çelebi stepped into the aviation industry with the establishment of Çelebi Ground Handling in 1958 as Turkey's first privately-owned ground handling service company.

Following success at Budapest airport, Çelebi continued with its international breakthroughs and started offering ground handling services in Mumbai in 2009, in Delhi in 2010 and in Vienna in 2011.

Çelebi is also in international operations is cargo and warehouse management. providing (cargo and warehouse) services in Delhi since 2009, in Budapest and Frankfurt since 2011.

Ramesh Mamidala said, Çelebi Ground Handling (ÇGH) had been awarded a contract by DIAL to develop, modernise, finance and operate the brown field cargo terminal for a period of twenty-five years.

Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India (Pvt) Ltd has been formed as a joint venture between DIAL and Çelebi Ground Handling Turkey and has started providing cargo handling and warehousing services close to fifty international schedules carriers.

Cargo capacity demand and supply have been growing rapidly in India in parallel with the huge growth experienced by the country's aviation industry in recent years, he said.

Çelebi's services include documentation and supervision services; EDI transmission services; import expedited delivery; export express acceptance; dedicated pharmaceuticals handling; perishable handling; cool dolly, courier handling, to name a few of the value-added services.

Sanjiv Edward

Sanjiv Edward, who is no stran-ger to Bangla-desh having served here earlier for British Airways World Cargo (BAWC) said, we see huge cargo gro-wth in Bangla-desh. We feel we are in the right place at the right time.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) is the Number 1 airport both in terms of passenger and cargo movements. IGIA has invested heavily in cargo infrastructure. So, we feel there could be a great synergy between Bangladesh and India in cargo movement.

As Head of Cargo Business at DIAL, Edward is responsible for developing and driving the air cargo business strategy at IGIA.

DIAL handles 0.86 million tons cargo a year and lays strong emphasis on green sustainable technologies and has won numerous awards and recognitions for its environmental sustainability initiatives.


Sanjiv Edward, who was elected last year as the Chairman of the Board, said TIACA, the not-for-profit global trade association that represents, supports, informs, and connects every element of the global air freight supply chain, has been actively involved in global policy design and execution, working closely with organisations like WCO, ICAO, EU, IATA, among others.

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