RVP West Asia and Africa, SIA Cargo Shum Velu says

SIA uplifted highest tonnage from Bangladesh last year

A Monitor Report 01 Aug, 2017  |    -      +
DHAKA : Singapore Airlines achieved the milestone of the highest tonnage uplifted by SIA Cargo from Dhaka last year in the 30th year of SIA operations to Bangladesh.

Shum Velu, Regional Vice President West Asia and Africa, SIA Cargo, said this while addressing a Cargo Agents' Awards evening organised by the airline at The Westin Dhaka on July 23 to honour the top cargo agents of the airline in FY 2016-17.

He thanked all the agents for their contributions and noted that the milestone was possible as the agents and the airline worked together.

TM Wang, GM Bangladesh also thanked the agents for their support and reiterated the good news of three additional SIA flight frequencies, the airline had started from Dhaka from July 19.

The new flight departures at 1325 on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays was popular amongst passengers, and the flights also provided additional belly-hold capacity for the growing Bangladesh cargo market, Wang said.

The cargo agents were honoured in three award categories. Dallah Bang-ladesh, Expo Freight Limited, and Total Trans-portation Ltd received Gold awards.

Six Silver awardees were Dart Global, Geodis Wilson Bangladesh, Kue-hne & Nagel, Scanwell Logistics, Topstar Cargo and Trust Cargo.

Alpha Logistics Limited, APM Global (DAMCO), Cross Freight, Expeditors Sailors Shipping, and SG Logistics received Bronze Awards.

A sumptuous dinner followed the award ceremony.