Sri Lankan High Commissioner Yasoja Gunasekera says

FTA being discussed between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

A Monitor Report 16 Feb, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is currently being discussed between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Yasoja Gunasekera, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, said this while addressing a reception to mark the country's National Day 2017 at Sri Lankan High Commission in the city on February 2.

Shahriar Alam, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, also spoke on the occasion.

Yasoja Gunasekera said, Bangladesh enjoyed an impressive 7.11 per cent GDP growth in the last year. Sri Lanka is a proud partner of Bangladesh in this impressive growth, with a large number of Sri Lankan companies having invested in key sectors of Bangladesh's economy_ the financial sector; gas and energy; the RMG sector; shipping and logistics and manufacturing of consumer goods.

In fact, Sri Lankan companies have created thousands of jobs in this country and helped grow wealth.

She said, there are a large number of Sri Lankans working in senior positions in Bangladesh, primarily in the RMG, Shipping and Logistics Sectors, contributing their technical knowhow to these key sectors of the economy.

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner said the two countries cooperate in many ways: One of the best examples is the cooperation in the cricketing arena. Many Bangladeshis are fans of the Sri Lankan cricket team and Sri Lankan Chandika Hathurusinghe is the Coach of the Bangladesh National Cricket team.

Yasoja Gunasekera said, “since I arrived in Bangladesh, I have been touched by the deep affection for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan people expressed to me by the people of Bangladesh.”

Shahriar Alam, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the two-way trade has crossed US$ 75 million in 2015-16. However, bilateral trade does not reflect the existing potentials and there remains adequate scope for expansion of trade.

"We call upon Sri Lankan businessmen to take interest in importing products like pharmaceuticals, ceramics, cement, jute items, plastic ware, footwear, bicycle and toiletries from Bangladesh which have gained worldwide acceptance," he said.

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