Tours Limited Representative Abhishek Mishra says

US visa shouldn't be a problem for Bangladeshis if basics are clear

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Dhaka : US visa should not be a problem for Bangladeshis. The basics must be clear. With the right profile, good travel history and good educational background, it should not be a problem. Good travel history proves the economic strength of the traveller.

They (visa officers at embassies and US immigration staff) generally try to filter out the bad elements. They know if you are well-to-do, you will never stay in US, he added.

Abhishek Mishra, Representa-tive, Tours Limited, the designated management company for Brand US, Canada and South America, was talking to The Bangladesh Monitor on the sidelines of US-Bangla Airlines Travel Mart-2017.

We are here (at Travel Mart-2017) as we want to give Bangladeshis a new experience. We do a lot of group tours, MICE (corporate) in India and Middle East. We see a huge potential in Bangladesh.

Abhishek Mishra said, for visiting US, time and money are key factors, as it is a huge country. Travel agents who sell products must know (the products well) and explain everything to the travellers, what they pay for and what they do not.

Travellers should also be briefed on time difference between the two coasts of US as well as baggage weight limits, in detail. Airlines in US are very strict on weights, he said.

Mishra said briefing on time is important as travellers might miss out a portion of their itinerary because of the time difference between the two coasts.

When a travel agency from Bangladesh confirms a group's travel to us, we would do the rest in US, he said.

Space experience at KSA

One of the cutting edge products of Tours Limited, is the two-day Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) at Kennedy Space Centre Visitors Complex. Specially popular among school groups, those who avail the package are given a briefing on space shuttle and how the body reacts to zero gravity and then the curtain goes up to reveal a real one (shuttle).

With the conclusion of ATX, they get a certificate that they had shuttle launch experience, visited space shuttle Atlantis, had lunch with an astronaut, visited Apollo/Saturn V and had KSC Up-close tour.

"It's a really immersive experience," Mishra said.

Niagara Falls

He said Tours Limited offers Niagara Falls and Las Vegas tours; New York and San Francisco tours; and Washington DC and Los Angeles tours, among host of other itineraries.

Recounting the story of a couple who had never talked on the vehicle carrying them, but started talking as they stepped into the spot, he said Niagara Falls would the best choice for Bangladeshis as mostly elderly people visit US from this country. Large amount of water flows here at the falls 24X7.

Nature is at its best here. Those who have children may chose to go to Universal Orlando Resort, he said.

Besides conventional tours and ATX, Tours Limited offers fixed date departures (FDD), FIT (at group cost) and group tours. We provide multi-lingual Tour Manager, throughout the journey, if needed, Mishra said.

On road tours, Tours Limited provides Mercedes coaches with Wi-Fi.

Mentioning the upcoming Rotary International Confe-rence in US, he said Tours Limited has good packages for members of Rotary Interna-tional including side trips. We have worked for a MICE group from Bangladesh earlier.

His organisation also handles group or FIT for Mexico, fixed date departures for Canada, and Alaska cruise. We also have itineraries for South America.

Abhishek Mishra, who looks after this region, said Tours Limited achieved 94 per cent satisfaction rate for providing dedicated services.

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