Live grill restaurant opens at Dhanmondi

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DHAKA : The city's newest restaurant Absolute BBQ BD has brought up a unique concept to the most authentic live grill - all you can eat- right on your table along with multi-cuisine dishes at the buffet station--Eat~Grill~Repeat.

It combines all you can eat with do the barbecuing yourself.

Absolute BBQ, opened at Dhanmondi in the city in July is presenting over-the-table live grill barbecuing.

Diners have their table transformed, with a grill placed in the centre and a side of freshly-made bastings and sauces. Then staff members come around with cooked lamb, beef, chicken, fish and vegetables.

Once placed on the grill, diners can taste the meat and vegetables in the way they like and use dipping sauces to create incredible combination of flavours.

They are accompanied by buffet dinner or lunch such as soup, Cajun-spiced potato, crispy corn, salads, fries and many more items.

Another item that you may want to try out is their buffet display like--Garlic Fried Rice with Shrimp. Unlike the other rice item, this one has numerous small shrimps, so much so that you will be able to savour them on almost every morsel.

If you are a burger fan,BBQ's Sous-vide Chicken Burger is a must-have.

Then comes dessert - a tasting platter of sweet treats is for everyone to enjoy.

Six partners - Waliullah Bakul, Sk Zakir, Redwan Farid Sami, Md Arifur Rahman, Amir Hossain Khokan and Arefin Spursho - started this new-concept-restaurant Absolute BBQ at Dhanmondi.

Arefin Spursho, CEO of the restaurant, said they wanted to bring something new to Dhanmondi because it's a posh-area in the city with a long history. "It's a celebration of barbecue cuisine and we offer food without boundaries," he said. "Our chefs create an array of food with lovely flavours, cooked in a secret recipe, then served on a live-grill." But it is a very unique concept for our country's food lovers.

"We want to welcome Dhanmondi residents on a barbecue journey."

"Sugar cane juice and another exceptional dessert item kulfi are ones that you can get only in our restaurant," Arefin Spursho added. The best part is, it is unlimited.

They hosted Sawasdee Thai Festival in July where diners were able to enjoy Thai delicacies.

All you can eat is Tk 800 per person during lunch and Tk 1200 per person during dinner.

They plan to set up their outlet at Gulshan area of the city as well as in Chittagong.

Open seven days a week from 11.30am until late at 'Absolute BBQ restaurant' is at Ahmed and Kazi Tower, Level 7, Dhanmondi, Road no. 2.

Other than its sheer deliciousness, Spursho also claims that it is a healthy one too. "We cook it in low temperature, for a long time, in a special way and using a lot of herbs. Most of the fat gets removed in the process," he informed.

Do you know what BBQ stands for? No, it is not barbeque. It actually stands for 'best of the best quality and more lively.' And this is what Absolute BBQ aims to give you -- with delicious food and great ambience. So, go Absolute BBQ to savour their new delights.

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