Far from the madding crowd

Grand Boishakhi Mela carnival at BRAC CDM Rajendrapur

A Monitor Report 16 Mar, 2017  |    -      +
Gazipur : Maqsood O' dHAKA and Salma will enthrall the festive audience on this year's Grand Boishakhi Mela at Rajendrapur, far away from the hustle and bustle of the typical city crowd.

BRAC Services Ltd (BSL) is going to arrange this outstanding Boishakhi Mela on Pohela Boishakh (April 14, 2017, Friday) at the BRAC CDM Rajendrapur in Gazipur, one-hour drive from capital.

The celebration of the noblest day of the Bangla year will begin in the morning with a colorful Boishakhi Rally adorned with banners, festoons, paper masks, decorated chariot, "band party," joined by a host of renowned cultural figures and media celebrities of country, and then a Baul concert and other exciting events.

The daylong congregation at the open venue along the greenery will feature panta-buri, nagordola, magicians, mini-circus, snake-charmers, angling, kite-flying, flutists, boating, football, cricket and many other attractive events for you to remember.

After the Jumma prayer and lunch break, close-up celebrity Salma with her band Nongor will perform before the gathering followed by the famous rocker Maksood O' dHAKA.

Late in the afternoon, there will be Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti. The daylong carnival will end over a gala dinner. Daylong package, overnight stay package are available.

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