A rural atmosphere at Cafe Soi3

A Monitor Report 16 Apr, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : not many rest-aurants in the city give you the feel of serene environment. Café Soi3 is an exception. The restaurant gives you the impression of a rural ambi-ance that instantly gives you peace from the hustle bustle of the busy life.

To have a feel of tranquility in the midst of clutter, Café Soi3 is the best choice. It is a beautiful restaurant in Dhanmondi which not only serves mouth-watering food but also has an eye-catching décor.

The moment you walk into this restaurant, the first thing that will catch your attention is the open space on the ground floor in front of the main building structure. It basically has a garden like environment. A bamboo wall is on one side. Beautiful natural trees surround the place, adding the perfect touch of earth.

There are also torches set around as used in the medieval times. Not only they provide alluring light at night but also add a classic flair of the whole environment. A couple of dark wooden tables are arranged with umbrellas up top for the customers to have an unforgettable experience.

At the opposite side of the bamboo wall stands a two-storied building. Inside, on the ground floor, there is a room which has a very comfortable sitting arrangement including ground tables, normal height tables, ground sofas, cushions and chairs.

On the top there is a majestic terrace. It also has two portions. One is open and the other is covered. The terrace is a beautiful place to dine in the midst of trees, wooden chairs and tables.

The whole place covers 3,700 square feet. The lighting of this restaurant is very dim, creating a soothing and romantic atmosphere for the customers. Only four colours --- green, dark wood, bamboo and soil - are predominant in the restaurant.

Coming to food items, Café Soi3 is popular for their Lemon Garlic Chicken (k375+), Soi3 Special Kebab Platter (Tk779+), Butter Chicken (Tk365+), Steaks (Tk695 to TK895+), Chicken Pasta with White Sauce (Tk345+) etc. All of these dishes are a treat to the taste buds.

Among the platters, Soi3 Conti Express Platter seems to have a substantial demand as it won the second place at last Foodies Festival.

The restaurant also has set menus of fish, which are very popular for their incredible taste. One set has Rupchada Dopeiaza, Steamed Rice, Dal Butter Fry and Garden Fresh Salad. Another set has Grilled Rupchada, Fried Rice, Sauted Vegetable and Lemon Garlic Sauce. The last delicious fish set menu has Grilled Rupchada and Lemon Garlic Sauce.

It is also an amazing place to have parties. That's why, in every winter, customers book the terrace to have BBQ parties. The most entertaining thing about it is the customers will have to prepare the BBQ on the grill by themselves. The restaurant will provide the equipment and food items.

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