Amari Dhaka earns Onyx Security Certificate of Excellence 2017

A Monitor Report 16 May, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : Amari Dhaka, a hotel of Onyx Hospitality Group, announced that it received a Certificate of Excellence from Onyx Hospi-tality Group.

The accolade, which honours security excellence, is given only to management and team members for reaching the highest level of security for meeting or exceeding the requirements of 10-disciplines in the Onyx Security Management System on May 2017.

To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, Amari has met the requirements in staff security awareness and vigilance, Onyx welcome and protect procedures, baggage and personnel screening, good inwards screening, CCTV surveillance and active monitoring, key control, pedestrian and vehicular access control, lockdown procedures, Emergency res-ponse organisation, Secu- rity incident reaction capa-city.

Geoffrey Fordham, SVP, Engineering, Safety and Security, Onyx hospitality group handed over the certificate to Kelly Lewis, General Manager, Amari Dhaka.

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