Arsalan, the most preferred name for Mughlai cuisine in Kolkata

By India Correspondent 16 Apr, 2017  |    -      +
Kolkata : Well-known as food enthusiasts, almost every Mughal ruler has passed on his personal recipe as they moved on and that's how Mughlai food came into being. Hence, probably the influence of Mughals is mostly felt in food.

To get the real taste of authentic Mughlai cookery, Arsalan is a trusted name in Kolkata. Since 2002, Arsalan is serving the food loving people of with a variety of Mughlai dishes starting from a range of tandoors, kababs, biryanis, rotis and so on.

Scattered across different corners of the City of Joy, Arsalan has eight branches: Park Circus, 7 Point Crossing, Amir Ali Avenue to Park Street, Ripon Street, Diamond Harbour Road, Shyambazar, Jessore Road, New Town/ Rajar-hat and Ruby EM Bypass.

Apart from all-time-favourite Biryani, Lucknow Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani Special, Arsalan is known for its authentic Awadhi cuisine along with providing around minimum 100 items. It also serves some sought after butter chicken and butter buns, spicy, soft and tasty dishes from tandoori, chicken tandoori which come in huge proportions. Mutton Halim is slow cooked with an array of spices, another flavoursome option. Mouthwatering Firni is a different dessert to finish with.

Akhtar Parwez, owner and Director, Arsalan Restaurant and Caterer informed The Bangladesh Monitor, "Around 70 to 80 per cent of my overall customers are from Bangladesh. They are fond of all Mughlai dishes and Awadhi dishes like stew, Rezala, chaap, lara gosht. Our Bangladeshi customers never return without having food here at their visits. We are thankful to our valued customers from Bangladesh."

On his future plans, he said, "I have plans to open more restaurants in many other parts of West Bengal and also if we can acquire proper venue in Dhaka, would love to establish our brand there. We also have take-away and home delivery service available from all the branches in Kolkata, distributed throughout the city. It has proven to be a good option for parties and get together."

"We have around 800 employees working for our eight branches. We only look for hard working people whom we groom up to be our chefs and cook with our special recipes," he added.

With very efficient and professional services, its outlets always stay crow-ded as every time the dishes taste the same good. Despite several other restaurants to attract people every day throughout the city, there is no competition faced by this eatery of difference.

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