Designer Nighat Imam says

Preali collection makes women look beautiful, feel confident

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Dhaka : Bangladeshi women look is incomparable in sarees. Considering the fact, fashion house Preali has given importance on the diversity on sarees right from the start of their journey. They have a collection of traditional sarees and hand painted saree that reflects country's culture.

Apart from that they have salwar-kamiz, tops, kurta, blouses which are designed mixing western patterns with local tradition. Nighat Imam, designer and owner of the fashion house Preali said this while talking about to her love and passion.

"Preali Collections are driven by my passion for making women look beautiful and feel confident. Building upon over 25 years of experience in retail management, I decided to turn my love of clothes into my own venture to address the real fashion desires of women."

"People have always asked me where I buy my sarees. I have hand-selected sarees from my travels across the globe and from top vendors that span a range of styles: detailed Kanchipuram, elegant crepe silk, and classic Jamdanis, to name only a few. Although the range is spectacular, each saree of Preali Collections is a unique piece that will make you stand out in a crowd. "

"I also offer accessories to complete your look: party purses, jewellery, shawls."

Nighat Imam launched her fashion house, Preali Collection, in Washington, US in 2013. She was inspired by the friends and family to set off on her journey in the fashion world, she said.

On her return from US, she was engaged with research and planning after which she decided to launch the brand here too.

She set up a design studio where skilled workers have been appointed to make embroidery, jori work, block and hand sewing. I make different experiment on cloths here because I don't want to make just clothes just. I want those who would wear my dresses would feel complete."

Nighat Imam had completed her education in Fine Arts and Graphics and this is reflected in her hand paint saree collection. Her each and every saree is different as far as the design and beauty is concerned.

"Hand painted saree collection is based on my own style and design which I honed with so many years of research and study," she said. "I have tried to execute abstract art on sarees, apart from using flowers, leaf, fish, birds etc."

"We always give precedence to the demand of the customers. Besides, we have a large collection of Jamdani and Tangail sarees which we collect from the local tatis (weavers)."

She said from her fashion house Preali, she tried to play a vital role in improving the standard of local traditional sarees and the life of the weavers.

"We are trying to bring back our lost aura. Preali is conscious to evaluate the local weavers and trying to improve their life style."

At Preali, Price range of the hand painted saree is from Tk 25,000-30,000, traditional saree Tk 2000-100,000, salwar-kamiz, Tk7000-15000. Single kurti and tops are priced between Tk 3000. The fashion brand's only outlet is at the Pink City, Gulshan Avenue in the city.

Preali is launched softly on June 2016 and finally the grand launch of Preali Collection was held on December 1.

The interior and the exterior of the Preali will also leave the customer spellbound apart from shopping. The fashion house is at the eighth level of Pink City, a place surrounded by natural beauty.

"It was tough for me to select an outlet for the house but later I came to learn the eighth level of the Pink City is designed with natural garden. The total environment pleased me and I believe the customers also will like the place. At the same time, I like to put natural touch on my design and that's why the place, I believe, is ideal," said Nighat Imam.

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