Weavers Furnishing, one-stop solution for home decor

Farhana Naznin 16 May, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : A key feature to a beautiful room is its drapes. Drapes have the power to enhance even a modestly decorated room into an incredible one. It adds a kind of flair to the room that is, simply put, pleasing to the eyes. Hence a choice of quality drapes remains a dominant factor in the world of home decoration.

The place that can provide you with one-stop solution for home décor is Weavers Furnishing Ltd. who have been living up to their reputation since 1995.

The company has established a strong network of five outlets serving (Elephant Road, Gulshan and Uttara), Sylhet and Chittagong. They have earned extraordinary repute through customer satisfaction, high quality products and efficient service.

A brand new outlet will soon be unveiled at Bashundhara Residential area, disclosed Khandaker Hasan-uzzaman, Senior Executive, Weavers Furnishing Ltd.

The company has a wide variety of inventory to offer to their clients. Usually imported from Turkey, India, Indonesia and China, the collection of fabrics in the store is diverse as it is ample. They imported prevalent brands from countries like carrying DC Tex, D Décor and Birla; from Turkey they collect Yaker, Ayden, Ozer tex, and from Indonesia Ateja and Ptsener are sourced.

"Weavers Furnishing Ltd. is the sole distributor of DC Tex Furnishing in Bangladesh. The launching ceremony of DC Tex in with Weavers Furnishing as the local agent is underway as well in the presence of Brand Ambassador Hrithik Roshan," he revealed.

Hasanuzzaman takes pride in the inventory, "We offer the most tasteful selection in fabrics, textures, colors, design, print and accessory. A wide range of elegance with functionality, distinguishing each interior space with an identity of its own thereby turning homes into fashionable residences is our passion."

The stores have pretty fabrics such as satin, velvet, viscose, polyester, chenille, acrylic, rayon, handloom-cotton and silk and "fantasy" fabric that will add a regal touch to your homes. Fabric for curtains and sofas are available in floral prints, abstract prints, plane, step, checks, geometrical patterns and solid colours.

As for pricing, they have three categories of price the lower range of which is Tk 500-Tk600 per yard, the midrange Tk700- Tk1000 per yard and the top of the line is Tk1000 - Tk2500 and more per yard. If you are on a budget you can opt for our local handloom fabrics, or Chinese fabric which are equally vibrant and beautiful. Starting from Tk 225 - 4,000 per yard, you can choose to have matching cushion covers with your curtains to keep uniformity.

There is a sale going on at the moment on particular curtains that offer a discount up to 50 per cent.

There are also many accessories that come with curtains such as tassels and eyelets along with rails, pipes, bookends, holders, strings, pelmets - Weavers has plenty to choose from in golden, silver, multiple colours and solid colours.

The three big selling seasons in a year are : occasions of religion (puja, Christmas Day and Eids), wedding season and when expatriates come to the country on vacation, Hasanuzzaman said.

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