Poisoned newborn survives at United Hospital

_A Monitor Report 01 Sep, 2020 | 726 Views|-+
Dhaka : United Hospital in Dhaka successfully manages a poisoned just-born neonate, born 30 hours after ingestion of insecticide by his mother. This is the first ever reported case of OPC (Organo phosphorus compound) poisoning in newborn through transplacental transmission in Bangladesh.

Dr Nargis Ara Begum, Senior Consultant- Neonatology, United Hospital, said, "This is probably the first ever reported transplacental transmission of OPC poisoning case in a just-born neonate in the country, which we successfully managed. I myself and my team, we all feel absolutely rewarded to be able to hand over the lovely baby in a stable condition to the family.”

On August 21, a 34 week pregnant lady of 27 years of age, with her 3rd pregnancy, came to United Hospital Emergency department with history insecticide ingestion 30 hours back. With the guidance of Hospital's ObGyn Consultants, an immediate caesarean section was done on her and a male baby was delivered. With the effect of OPC transmitted from mother's blood to baby through placenta, the baby on birth did not cry and did not show any signs of life. He was repeatedly resuscitated in the labour ward and was thereafter intubated for artificial respiration. He was showing all signs of OPC poisoning and was managed with Atropine, Pralidoxim and other IV supportive medications in Neonatal ICU, from where he was discharged in a stable condition after 18 days.