Revamped Tarka offers grandeur in décor and authentic Indian food

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After months of frustrating lockdown at home, people have resumed going to restaurants again which are strictly adhering to COVID-19 prevention measures. And Tarka, famous for its authentic Indian cuisine, is without doubt one of them.

Besides pizzas, burgers and other go-to items, sometimes we do get cravings for something much "grander". And that is exactly the theme of Tarka's new and improved relocated branch at ANZ Huq Eleven Square in Banani.

With an interior that boasts of grandeur in gold and blue, Tarka can now accommodate 150 people, thrice the size of its previous branch. And from level eight, the glass walls that surround the large fine dining restaurant offers guests with a magnificent view of the city as they indulge in mouth-watering authentic Indian dishes.

Tarka's menu is as vast and diverse as the food found in the entire Indian subcontinent. They offer favourites that, if origin is sought, range from Bangladesh to North and South India as well as Darjeeling.

"So you can see a mixture of food from all cultures of the continent. From momos to dosas, biryanis to kebabs, and veg to non veg, Tarka covers it all," said Ashfaq Rahman Asif, Managing Director, Tarka.

Now, to cater to corporates, seen coming for lunch from nearby offices in Banani, Tarka is the first to customise thalis - naan thalis, biryani thalis, parata thalis, kebab thalis etc. These new additions are undoubtedly hot choices for corporates.

On the other hand, for families, which also cover a large portion of Tarka's repeat customers, the restaurant offers a la carte menu too. Kebabs are what the families love, said the MD, adding that chicken malai kebab and peshwari Kebab, are some of the many new dishes that families adore.

Recently Tarka has started serving momos too. The authentic Darjeeling taste of the momos is what the customers cannot get enough of, it seems.

However, nothing tops Tarka's dosas. It has always been a signature favourite, said Asif. "We have the largest dosa in town." They have recently introduced a family dosa which is four feet in size, the biggest anyone has ever seen in Dhaka. It is always the top choice among families in get-togethers.

And to finish off an incredible feast at Tarka, Shahi Tukra, the new dessert addition, definitely steals the spotlight.

One of their top priorities, Asif mentioned, is the pricing. "We aimed to keep the price of the dishes pocket-friendly," he said. Therefore, all the items in the menu range from BDT 750 to BDT 1200.

Picking the best of the ingredients is another priority that they do not compromise with. "Indian foods are heavy and rich. If you compromise with the quality, customers might feel sick later. Therefore, under no circumstance do we compromise with the ingredients," claimed Asif. Thus, all the ingredients are either made in-house or imported from abroad.

Moreover, since this new and improved branch of Tarka is huge in size, it makes a perfect place for parties and events. And for those, the restaurant offers buffet too, priced at BDT 1000-1800 per person, if the guests' numbers are over 35-40. The restaurant also has a separate place that offers more privacy suitable for any kind of events.

Another unique feature of Tarka is that it offers easy access to people on wheelchairs too. The ANZ Huq Eleven Square has wheelchair ramps everywhere and that is what Asif prioritised when picking a relocation spot for the six years old restaurant.

Currently Tarka has five branches countrywide - one in Banani, one in Chattogram, and three at Chef's Table in Gulshan. As part of further expansion plans, another branch of Tarka is on its way in Mymensingh.

_Tanvir Shams

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