Fearing fresh attack, UK government shuts down tourist spots

A Monitor Desk Report 25 May, 2017 | 3073 Views|-+
London: Some of the most popular tourist attractions in London had been shut down on Wednesday after the U.K. cautioned against another terrorist attack. Several members of the military had also been deployed to secure the key locales in the city.

Following the precaution recommended by the police, the Houses of Parliament had also been closed down to the public and all the tours had been called off.

In addition, the defense ministry cancelled the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace and the Bank of England said that its museum would not be open to tourists.

Chelsea Football Club canceled a parade that was planned for Sunday in London to honor the winning of the English Premier League.

Furthermore, Arsenal had also canceled a screening of the match of Saturday against Chelsea at their Emirates Stadium in north London. Some other tourist attractions like the Kensington Palace and the Tower of London also mentioned that they would remain open but then they would deploy increased security.

The anxiety comes following a deadly explosion that claimed 22 lives in Manchester on Monday that is said to be the deadliest terror attack striking the country since the London bombings in July 2005.

This bombing in Manchester follows the incident where a truck had plowed down the crowded streets of London killing four and injuring several more. Prior to making attempts to attack the Parliament.

The incidents and also the subsequent increased threat levels might make tourists a bit nervous while booking trips to the U.K.

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